Access the Exact information That Professional Traders Use To Gain Their Trading Edge

Receive our analysis of the Commitments of Traders report to help you see every active position in the market.

Why you should use the Commitments of Traders

This 100-year old report has long been adopted by processional traders as a means of tracking the trading activities of professionals

It is their activity that moves the markets and seeing it first-hand puts anyone with this information at an advantage.

Markets are moved by buyers and sellers, they are not moved by indicators. In order to understand what is going on in a market, you must learn to analyse buying and selling activity.

The Commitments of Traders is the only way to make this possible, and our CoT charts make market analysis simple and easy!

Analyse and
with facts

Optimum Market Alerts

Get alerts every week that point you in the direction of the best market to trade quickly, saving hours of your time to do research. A COT Index reading above 90% will give you a bullish alert while a reading below 10% will give a bearish alert.

Extreme Alerts

Our All Time High (ATH) and All Time Low (ATL) alerts highlight markets where buying or selling have reached levels never seen before. Market tops and bottoms are often accompanied with extreme levels of buying or selling, which gives you the perfect opportunity to profit.

Planning Ahead

Our additional Seasonality data means that you not only have access to all the latest market supply and demand data, but you can also see how supply and demand is likely to affect the markets in the future. The combination of the COT data and detailed Market Seasonality gives you a complete view of any market.

Be ready
for the
next move

Stay ahead and do not get caught on the wrong side of the market. Our % change stats and charts will allow you to see market swings as they happen. This way, you can stay protected or even capitalise on changing market sentiments. An extreme change in positioning can lead to a very profitable market correction.